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Our CEO Ron Decker visits Kathy Ireland to discuss the current state of RCM Industry

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Interoperability: A Love Battle

It is in some ways flattering that in the great anonymous corners of the world there are known faction warring for our allegiance as consumers. We feel important, valued, both good feelings. This is perhaps one of the only upsides to a role otherwise troubled by a deluge of solicitations, misleading campaigns, trash beauty products, bad food, toothpaste, fad diets, false appeals to the heart. Read More

Surprise Medical Billing (Balance Billing) Potential Federal Legislation

Surprise Medical Billing (Balance Billing) Potential Federal Legislation Many emergency medicine groups are currently out-of-network with major private insurers, and therefore bill patients the difference between their charges and what the insurance company paid (referred to as “balance billing”). Read More

The Way of All Flesh

The topic of artificial intelligence (AI) is a vast and complicated one. It’s alluring to the wacky and visionary, a source of terrifying possibility to the unhinged uncle standing before the half-closed blinds and looking into the grey empty street. The experts say it’s the way of the future and when the entrepreneurial technocrats start making prophesy, it’s best, as the last twenty years have indicated, not to drag your heals too much in opposition. Read More